Seattle Tilth: Red Barn Ranch

We helped build mobile chicken coops.
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On Sunday, July 16 th , Burner’s Without Borders Seattle partnered with Seattle Tilth Farm Works for a
project at the Red Barn Ranch in Auburn. The Red Barn Ranch is a farm incubator where people
embarking on their farming career can get a start by leasing land, and growing and selling their first
crops. There are also some goats, lambs, chickens and even one small Jersey calf!
Four of our Board Members from Burners Without Borders Seattle showed up ready to work! The
project was to build two new chicken coops with Kevin, who cares for the chickens at the Red Barn
Ranch. There are currently two chicken coops; one for the more mature and established chickens, and
one for the younger chickens. The current coops are not easily moveable and because of that not very
practical. Before we started on the project we were able to walk with Kevin out to the chicken coops
and participate in their morning feeding and watering.

The goal was to build two new chicken coops per a build plan Kevin had, and that they be moveable by
one person. We measured wood, cut it, learned how to create lap joints, glued, and added screws! We
were able to build all the walls and the door, just not assemble them together into the final structures
during that trip.

All-in- all Kevin was extremely grateful and said the progress we made would have taken him much
longer on his own. He also kindly gifted us each a dozen of the fresh “Hell or High Water Farm” eggs!