WBX Helps Camp Second Chance

Our community grant recipient helped get supplies for Camp Second Chance to prep them for the winter season.
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From our grantee: On behalf of the Westin Building Exchange we would like to say thank you to Burners Without Borders Seattle for the very generous donation provided to our volunteer project for Camp Second Chance. At the moment Camp Second Chance provides tiny homes onsite for 60 people. Your donation provided a brand-new refrigerator for the residents since one of the two fridges on site had broken recently. As well as two 6’ tables and four-folding chairs from Costco that
were needed for the new community space they have on site. Other items donated to the camp were sleeping bags, pillows, cold weather clothing, disposable items for their kitchen, toiletries and outdoor equipment.

We collected all of the donations, organized them and loaded them into a company truck for delivery on November 25th where WBX staff went as a group to deliver the items. We went on a site tour given by Camp Manager Eric Davis, who really gave us more insight on what Camp Second Chance represents and their hopes for the future. We met with some of the residents and everyone there was very appreciative for the donations provided.