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COVID vaccine clinics are gearing up now In Seattle and they are looking for volunteer helpers. If you have an active clinical license in the state of Washington, you can volunteer in your clinical role, but even non-clinical volunteers are needed for registration and check in. If your medical circumstances make you vulnerable to COVID-19, they recommend you DO NOT volunteer. Please continue to await your vaccination phase as defined by WA Department of Health. If you don’t have vulnerabilities and would like to help out go to this site:volunteer.covidvaccineseattle.org/RegMobile.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1XZxy6FQZXSbwDmKC56ChOWn_DkXEtoSCrqnN... ...
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BWBS December 2020 Update!Your loving crew of kickass volunteers has been busy little beavers this holiday season, with not one but two projects back to back! Here’s the info to share:Beach Clean up, November 27th Project UpdateNovember United Way Winter Coat Drive Project UpdateWanna be a board member? Well, DO YOU PUNK?\<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ Beach Clean up, November 27th Project UpdateOur Beach cleanup at Seahurst in Burien was a wild success! We had 13 volunteers come down and spend two hours cleaning up and down the beach, even pulling out old tires! Thank you for helping to make Giving Friday be the new Black Friday! All participants were masked and social distancing guidelines were followed for this event.We want to make this bigger next year, so plan to spend it with us helping your local community!\<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ November United Way Winter Coat Drive Project UpdateThis was a wonderful year for collections, and thanks to everyone who donated. We were able to drop off all these at the Chief Seattle Club: 17 jackets, 1 sweater, 10 scarves, 8 gloves, 2 ear muffs, 1 knit hat, and 18 shirts. If you would like to donate directly, The Chief Seattle Club is dedicated to serving urban native people experiencing homelessness, and the donation link is on their website: chiefseattleclub.org/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ Be a Board Member of Burners Without Borders Seattle!We have two available openings for our kickass board of do’ers who want to help their local community! There are several ways in which you can help, so if you’re interested, please contact us! \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ \<>/ ...
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