We are comprised of seven independent members who meet once a month and work together to coordinate community outreach and plan events.

Board Covenant

  • We commit our time, resources and a meaningful annual financial contribution.
  • We uphold the ten principals we stand for in all that we do.
  • We articulate and promote our purpose to our communities.
  • We respect each others uniqueness, opinions, and time.
  • We encourage open, honest, and transparent communication.
  • Everyone on the board will have a high level of engagement.
  • We commit to being involved. We show up, we’re present, we’re engaged.
  • Each board member will attend at least three events, and will lead at least one event.
  • We will attend the Annual Board Retreat, held each January.
  • We will present a professional board image in our daily lives and to our communities.

diem  |  President

Dave “diem” Martinez is an old school member of the Seattle Burning Man Community. Having been a founding member of Ignition NW, he regularly engages with the community. Also, he is solid history in production, including co-founding Critical Massive and producing the event five times and Seacompression three times. These days he enjoys spending time with his wife Angel and daughter Sasha.

He served as VP 2011, President for 2012, Secretary 2015, and VP 2016.

Curtis |  Treasurer

My first Burn saw me invited out as a groomsman to witness the union between two great friends. As with many first burners, it changed me–wholly. I’ve had 4 cathartic visits to Black Rock since my first. Born and raised in the Puget Sound, I’ve called Tacoma home port since 2006.  My background is in marketing and business management and I’ve been running my own businesses since 16 years old.

These years spent leading teams and honing my finance acumen have lent well to my role as Treasurer with BWB. Like many, I’m an advocate of the 10 Principles and particularly fond of gifting and radical self-reliance. Counted among my hobbies are sailing and adventuring in the Northwest, recently I was able to take my love of trekking to Peru, which was my first trip to South America.

Kat  |  Director

Katrina (or Kat) Blum attended SeaCompression in 2007 as her first Burning Man-related event. She was new to Seattle and was just going to a “party” with people she met the weekend before. She was instantly enamored with the people, the art, the openness and the intense level of expression!

Burning Man every year since 2010, and she has been camping with Loadie Camp since 2011. She has an engineering background and loves to cook, exercise, costume, travel to places with blue water, make chain maille, and spend time with her amazing friends!

Kat has been a BWB Seattle Board Member since 2015. She is excited to make a direct impact on the community with BWB Seattle!

Jillian  |  Vice President

Jillian Lundie has been involved in multiple Burn communities since 2012, and is excited to be transitioning from event coordination to philanthropy.

Rawr  |  Secretary

In 2014 my friend and I packed a car with a tent, food, and all the water it could hold, and we headed out into the desert of Nevada for my first taste of the Burner culture. I jumped in and have never looked back. As an engineer turned traveler, in the last couple of years I have seen what community means to individuals on multiple continents and in multiple cultures. One of my favorite things about the Burner culture is the sense of community that we bring everywhere we go. I joined the board of Burners Without Borders Seattle because I want to work with the local community to foster the 10 Principles here in the Seattle area.

I believe in playing an active role in the changes I want to see in the world. In the past I have worked with Planned Parenthood as well as various animal shelters.

Chad  |  Director

Chad is new. We are excited to have him.

Angela |  Director

Angela tried to get her friends to take her to a burn for more than a year before informing them she would be attending Burning Man with little more than a bag full of clothes. All of a sudden, her burner friends really wanted her to come to Hearths o’Phyre in Iowa, and she was hooked. Angela burned her way through the Midwest before landing in Washington. When she moved to Washington, her roommate really got in her ear about how much she would get along with these badasses who identify as burners with a little extra emphasis on communal effort. After Hurricane Harvey, she got a firsthand glimpse of how impressive BWB can be when she hung out with the Corpus Christi crew. Next thing she knew she was sitting on the board of BWB Seattle.