Start Planning

It’s about time to start planning for the festival season and all of your organizers are hard at work. BWBS challenges YOU to consider what you’re giving back to your off-playa community while you’re planning for your on-playa community.

Make one of your camp’s get-togethers to be a service oriented event. This is a great opportunity for team bonding or introduction of newbies to the group.

  • Clean a park
  • Do kitchen prep for FareStare
  • Help throw a birthday party for low income kids
  • Run a donation drive for a local shelter

Need Help?

Does your camp have a specific interest or need help selecting an event? That’s where we come in. BWBS will help you organize and offer you support to get your event planned.

BWBS will count each theme camp’s number of volunteers, volunteer hours and financial contributions. The camp with the most impact by BRE 13 will win love, gratitude, BWBS swag, and a party pack including 2 entrance tickets to BRE13, our annual fundraiser.

  • Don’t have a theme camp? Get a group of friends together, give yourselves an identifying name and GO FOR IT!!
  • Already know exactly what you want to do? Fill out the grant application and get the ball rolling.
  • Fill out the Contact Us form or email to start planning an event for your camp!!