Current Projects

  1. BWBS MOOP Sweeps

    BWBS Adopted 5th Ave NE from 60th to 40th!

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  2. BWBS General

    Instead of supporting to specific project, donate here to support all BWBS projects and grants!

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Past Projects

  1. WBX Helps Camp Second Chance

    Our community grant recipient helped get supplies for Camp Second Chance to prep them for the winter season.
  2. Aurora Commons Christmas Brunch 2019

    BWBS provided a $500 grant to support their annual brunch.
  3. Best Butts Takeover of Mile Long Moop Sweep

    The Best Butts theme camp took over our quarterly MOOP sweep!
  4. FareStart Kitchen Prep

    Our volunteers took on a kitchen prep shift to help support FareStart.
  5. Birthday Dreams in Tacoma

    We helped host a birthday party with the organization Birthday Dreams
  6. Hygiene Bag Donations and Assembly for Aurora Commons

    We packed hygiene bags at the Critical NW 2019
  7. AlleyCat Acres – Spring Community Farm Prep

    BWBS volunteers joined Alleycat Acres in the Central District, Seattle to help prepare for spring!
  8. Christmas at the Commons 2018

    We helped host brunch for the fourth year in a row.
  9. Big Day of Play

    Volunteers helped run the field activities at an event hosted by the City of Seattle.
  10. 2016 Christmas Celebration at Aurora Commons

    We helped gift these ladies brunch (complete with bacon!) and a gift bag with few creature comforts to ease their burdens one day out of the year for the holidays.
  11. Help LGBTQ and Under-Served Homeless

    Partnered with Tacoma’s Rainbow Center to help LGBTQ and under-served homeless community members of Pierce County
  12. Park Cleanup with Deep Playa

    BWBS was stoked to partner up with Deep Playa to do some good at one of Lynnwood's biggest parks.
  13. Help Camp United We Stand

    We helped Camp United We Stand, a homeless encampment in Shoreline, strike the current camp and move to their new location.
  14. PIT Count with Cocoon House

    We helped with the PIT homelessness count in Everett, WA.
  15. Tilth Alliance’s May Edible Plant Sale

    We brought a group of volunteers to the Annual Edible Plant Sale
  16. Cascade Action Day Pt. 2

    BWBS Seattle co-hosted a volunteer event in this space last August and we came back to help them again.
  17. FYIWizard Theme Camp Takeover of Birthday Dreams

    We invited one our the regional theme camps to run a Birthday Dreams event.
  18. Christmas at the Commons 2017

    We provided bacon, goodie bags and four volunteers for a brunch in North Seattle.
  19. Adopt-a-family for the holidays

    BWBS was able to gather donations and shop for Christmas gifts for six families.
  20. FareStart Kitchen Prep

    10 BWB Seattle volunteers helped for several hours with meal preparation, working alongside of apprentices and professional chefs in the kitchen to help feed over 2,000 people.
  21. Cascade Action Day

    BWBS helped host a work party at one of South Lake Union's last green spaces.
  22. Seattle Tilth: Red Barn Ranch

    We helped build mobile chicken coops.
  23. Beacon Food Forest Work Party

    We joined the Beacon Food Forest's work party to help weed and get the garden prepared for the summer.
  24. Just Garden

    Over three events across the summer, BWB partnered with Just Garden to build subsidized food gardens for low-income individuals, families and community organizations who serve a low-income or at-risk population.
  25. Seattle Tilth: Spring into Bed

    We built gardens for 14 families, 2 Senior Living facilities, and 1 community center with a total of 31 raised garden beds.