We are comprised of independent members who meet twice a month and work together to coordinate community outreach and plan events.

Board Covenant

  • We commit our time, enthusiasm and resources.
  • We uphold the ten principals we stand for in all that we do.
  • We articulate and promote our purpose to our communities.
  • We respect each others uniqueness, opinions, and time.
  • We encourage open, honest, and transparent communication.
  • Everyone on the board will have a high level of engagement.
  • We commit to being involved. We show up, we’re present, we’re engaged.
  • Each board member will attend at least three events, and will lead at least one event.
  • We will attend the Annual Board Retreat, held each January.
  • We will present a professional board image in our daily lives and to our communities.

Frank  |  President

Frank Sanborn is the Founder of The Community Resiliency Project and Spectrum Insights Neighborhood. He is a former Innovation Fellow / External Entrepreneur with US Department Health and Human Services (HHS) and FEMA. He is also an Innovator with Global Disaster Innovation Group – Field Innovation Team.

In 2014 Frank created the Community Resiliency Project, an online community of practice where schools and co+mmunity organizations can access examples, how-to’s, and instructions on specific projects that communities have created in their quest to become resilient.

This project stemmed from his role of Innovation Fellow with the US Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and FEMA . In October 2012, Frank was selected by ASPR and FEMA to be a joint Innovation Fellow focusing on Health Resiliency Technology and engagement / support of the whole community, this included building a signaling device that attaches to Durable Medical Equipment and notifies friends, family, caregivers and first responders when a low power situation is occurring. His deployments have included Butte County, CA; Hurricane Sandy; Moore, Oklahoma Tornados; and Oso, Washington Mudslide.

Prior to accepting his federal appointment, Frank founded Family Centered Technology Solutions, and worked for Microsoft, Avential, Big Fish Games and others creating next generation products and services.

Kelly |  Treasurer

Kelly first attended Burning Man in 2011 and was so inspired she came back the next year with a team and brought a large-scale sculpture into the Circle of Regional Effigies. She attended Burning Man 5 years in a row, volunteering with many art projects and theme camps along the way. She also loves to go to regional burns and decompressions. Kelly couples her love of Burning Man with a passion for service and volunteerism. Among her many extra curricular activities she previously served a one year term as an AmeriCorps*VISTA. She is looking forward to sharing this enthusiasm with Burners Without Borders Seattle.

Annalisa | At-large board member

More to come.

Dana | At-large board member

Dana first attended Kiwiburn in 2014 while backpacking around New Zealand, and has since attended burns across New Zealand and Australia before relocating to Seattle in 2019. She has always been driven to do good in the community and has been involved with many different organisations helping and advocating for our unhoused neighbours. Dana is excited to make an impact on her community with Burners Without Borders Seattle! .

Heather | At-large board member

More to come.

Meriah | At-large board member

Meriah was first introduced to the Burning Man community six years ago by Nevada friends. They brought her to a regional burn, and she fell in love with the community right away. Being a lifetime volunteer junkie (first volunteered for street clean up at age 6), the Burner Principles really sucked her in. Since then, she has volunteered at Burning Man Org headquarters in San Francisco, with the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, and at many a camp fundraiser and regional events. She began volunteering with BWBS in 2018, when she moved up to WA. She has participated in BWBS events with Fresh Start Kitchen, Birthday Wishes, street cleanup and community gardening, to name a few. Nothing gives her more joy than helping others.